Friday, 2 July 2010

How To Survive Brunch

One simple answer - don't do it!

Seriously, I had a friend on the phone last night wanting to know why I'd turned down their invite to brunch at The Warehouse.

"Why won't you come?" She asked, "you can just eat the salads and you don't have to drink anything"

Yeah right - 300dhs to sit and nibble on a lettuce leaf and watch everyone else get  hammer mellow! Actually make that 600dhs since the other half would have to come too! I can think of better things to do with my Friday! I'm sure they do wonderful salads, but so do I and for considerably less than 600dhs! And let's face it, most of the point of brunch is to get hammere oops mellow.

But it seems my weekend of good behaviour is doomed anyway. We've been invited out to dinner and the friends are great cooks AND I've been instructed to bring along my famous rhubarb crumble - not the diet version .... well, OK, there isn't a diet version!

I see a huge swim or a visit to a yoga class in my very near future!

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