Monday, 19 July 2010

What just happened?

My body is wierd! After a solid 6 weeks of almost 80% raw, healthy, fantastic, nutritious food something had to give! Its been a really crazy couple of weeks at work so no time for exercise, no time for making healthy packed lunches, lots of lunchtime meetings... all the usual excuses. So imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scales this morning after avoiding them for about 10 days to find I'd lost nearly two kilos! Total amazement and glee!

Still, the time for excuses is nearing its end. I've had a couple of weeks where focus was very difficult and I've survived them with no gain but its time to get back on track and lose another 5kg! Maybe this is just how my body works - 5kg, then rest and stabilise, then another 5kg. I was finding it increasing difficult to get enthusiastic about raw vegetables but now I'm really looking forward to them again.  Also my weight loss had slowed down to frustrating levels so maybe I needed that little break to kick start my metabolism again.

Anyway, with Ramadan coming up there will be fewer lunchtime meetings, almost no meetings in coffee shops and the whole pace of life will be slower and more reflective. Time to do some planning, some refocusing and some hard work! I can't wait!

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