Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Exercise Thing

Yeah yeah I know, trying to lose weight with no exercise is always going to be a recipe for disaster. At the very best you'll lose the weight but end up a flabby mess! But most likely you'll have to be so restrictive on the food intake that you'll fall off the wagon too often to get any lasting results!

I'm not that bad on exercise really. I do a lot of yoga and I swim 50 lengths three or four times a week and sometimes I even go Polewalking - no NOT pole dancing, and no, walking with poles does not mean you need to find some Polish friends! And there's always a dog who needs a walk even in a Dubai summer! So I'm not exactly inactive but there's not a lot of focus to my exercise programme. So when my friend Georgie  (yes, she's much braver than me - she's doing a video blog!) told me she was doing a thing called Concept1010 which only took 20 minutes a week and was getting her amazing results I wanted to know all about it. So yesterday she hauled me along to Jumeirah Lakes Towers to watch her sweat! It's such fun watching other people work hard!

Of course I didn't get off that lightly and they made me have a go at three of the machines myself. Its very focused, very hard work and if the results Georgie is getting are typical its very, very impressive. I'm definitely going to sign up for some sessions and I'll let you know how I get on - who knows - I might even get brave like Georgie and do a video blog .... but don't hold your breath!

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