Friday, 25 June 2010

Wheat Free Weekend

That is the intention! Its not that easy though! Already I've had the dog telling me that its her divine right to share a digestive biscuit with my mid morning cup of tea - hate to tell you dog, but you could do with "losing it" too!

Breakfast could have been toast and marmalade but instead it was a very delicious pineapple, cucumber and apple smoothie so that's a great start. Thursday night supper, which for as long as I can remember has been "telephone Chinese", was homemade and very delicious chicken lettuce wraps followed by stir fried vegetables and egg fried brown rice. It really helps to have a husband who is an awesome cook and, since I bought him a beautiful leather belt for Christmas that didn't go round him, has also been on a bit of a health kick!

Not sure what we're going to do tonight. It's our wedding anniversary so there will be some celebrating going on. A very beautiful bottle of South African Shiraz has been waiting in our wine rack for a whole year now - an anniversary present from our dear friends in Cape Town with whom we celebrated last year in some style!

So it's not going to be a pristinely well behaved weekend but it is going to be a fun one and I'm hoping the exclusion of wheat makes it a productive one.

Ikg down from last week. It doesn't seem like a big number but its going in the right direction and that's all I ask!


  1. Good luck! I found it very difficult to keep my weight down in Dubai - so difficult that it in fact went up :^P Your Thursday night dinner sounds delicious!

  2. LOL, most people talk about the Dubai stone! It is hard - there's a lot of temptation but there's also some great fresh stuff too. Dinner was very delicious and didn't taste at all like health food :-)

    Weight loss is all in the mind!

  3. ::sob:: I'd thought The Stone was just a myth...

    Yes, that's key, and you'll likely soon prefer healthier choices after you keep at it for a while. Best wishes to you :^)

  4. Well, it was a myth for me - more like 3 stone!!

    You're right about healthier choices - someone gave me a Minstrel the other day and my first thought was 'so what'! That's progress!