Saturday, 19 June 2010

Party Time

Ugh - two words that strike fear and panic into any dieter's soul! The problem with parties is that the food is almost always going to be either delicious or fattening, and probably both! And there's probably going to be excessive amounts of the dreaded grape, aka adult beverages, around and we all know that, in all but the most determined characters, alcohol and will-power are mutually exclusive!

So it was on Thursday night. A surprise birthday party for a friend, the end of a long hard week and just to add to the fun, the friend's wife is a seriously good cook!

So what do I do in these circumstances? Well, what do you think I did? I partied like a mad thing and got on the scales Friday morning to find an extra 1.5kg had mysteriously attached itself to my person!! How does that happen! OK, I wasn't exactly a paragon of dietary virtue but I can honestly say that I did not eat 1.5kg of food! Have you ever looked at that amount of food? Its a big heap! You'd have to try really hard to eat that in an evening!

So how come my body can create 1.5kg out of thin air? I must be the biological equivalent of a perpetual motion machine! I'd leave my body to science but I kind of need it right now!

Oh well, the weekend's nearly over - back to salads and raw vegetables tomorrow.

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