Thursday, 10 June 2010

How to Survive a Weekend

So, I've had a very good week and great results - another kilo and a half gone - I've now officially lost 10kg since Christmas - yipppee, celebrations all round! No I do NOT need a cake to mark the occasion - and NO a carrot cake is not OK, no it does NOT count as a vegetable!! Nor do I want to go out for a curry to celebrate or even hit the Barasti!

You see this is the trouble with losing weight! Sooner or later your friends get bored with all the good behaviour and want to drag you out to play and play inevitably involves a glass or two of wine (OK maybe a bottle or two...) at which point all good intentions go out the window and before you know it you end the weekend 2kg higher than you started! Now I can live with 1kg. For me a lot of that is water weight because at the weekend I do eat some bread and that always causes me problems, but it will go the next day. So 1kg I can accept as a consequence of a bit of fun bad behaviour, but once it goes up to 2kg I'm in trouble. Its going to take me half of next week to get back to where I started, at which point frustration sets in and "what's the point" thoughts start to raise their ugly heads!

So weekends are a balancing act between having fun, preferably lots of fun, and keeping the positive momentum going. Some weekends I do ok, others are a disaster before they even start! Yes, some weekends I want to have my cake AND eat it - really, can someone tell me, what's the point of cake if you don't eat it?

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