Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Sad Day and a Glad Day

And for the same reason!

A sad day because my favourite pair of super comfortable jeans are now so big on me that walking downstairs in them has become dangerous! And when even the dog laughs at you, you know its time to consign them to the ever growing heap of clothes that just don't fit any more! Its going to be tough - these are the jeans I reach for instinctively on a Friday morning, they go with everything and they are so comfortable its hard not to mourn their passing! But I need to be strong - I'm told keeping them is dangerous, it means deep down I expect to need them again!

So tomorrow morning I will march down to the bin, take a deep breath and throw them in - and then pour something really disgusting over them so I'm not tempted to whisk them back out again!! Or maybe I'll leave it till Saturday....

And its a glad day because that super trendy sparkly pair that I bought in the New Year sales (and risked buying a size smaller) have gone from being rather snug to perfectly comfortable - so these are my new favourite jeans. And if anyone says a woman over 40 shouldn't be wearing sparkley jeans they can just go and get stuffed!


  1. Well done!Donate them to someone else or burn them ceromoniously!Keep the sparkles & stuff anyone else and what they think!

  2. I think they're way beyond donating to someone else but I LOVE the idea of a ceremonial burning!!

    Anyone fancy coming to a bonfire party?