Monday, 2 August 2010

The ONLY way to lose weight... to completely ignore people who tell you that the ONLY way to lose weight is to do EXACTLY what they tell you!

In reality these people will keep you fat and unhealthy forever, and I'm beginning to think maybe they like it that way - because then they can keep on selling you books, CDs, magazines and really crappy food that perpetuate their myths. Maybe the last thing they want is for people to actually succeed in their efforts because then their market will disappear!

I'm fed up of well meaning (and not so well meaning) people telling me I should eat this and NEVER eat that. What do they know? Have they lived in my body?

I've lost 40kg so far. I think I'm entitled to call myself an expert! And I can tell you what works for me, but I have no earthly idea if it will work for you! But I'm happy to share ideas in the spirit of awareness.

I know what works for me is building in flexibility. Its never making something totally forbidden, its being able to make conscious decisions about what I want to eat with full awareness of the consequences. Its knowing that Kathy's chocolate cake will probably add a kilo over the weekend but knowing its worth it! Its knowing that raw vegetables are delicious and energising so I don't need to choose a pizza but if I really really want that pizza that's ok too... but there will be consequences. Its about knowing that I do actually prefer More Cafe's pumpkin and feta salad to their burger or fish and chips and I don't need to have fish and chips just because I can. In fact the reason I don't need them is because I can! Its about taking total responsibility for my health.

Losing weight has almost nothing to do with what you put in your mouth and everything to do with what you put in your mind!


  1. *Bows down in admiration!*
    40kg shed so far - gawd girl, you rock!

    Recently, I'd been going to gym 3-4 days a week & taking 3-4km walks as well, plus eating much healthier foods. I lost 4kg in the first 4wks, plus a nice 6cm off my waist & other cm off boobs & bum. I was well chuffed with myself.
    Then I got a really horrible strain of flu, which literally knocked the life out of me for over 3wks.
    I started back at gym last week, did 2 days, did TOO much, then made the mistake of being in the heat for a few hours without water & suffered dehydration on top of some very sore muscles.
    I need to get back into the 'swing' of things.
    (I'll do it when I get the lettah!)

  2. LOL Jayne, Thank you! Its taken me nearly 4 years to get here and I've still got another almost 30 to go so its only with hindsight it looks impressive! But I'll take hindsight :-)

    Slow is the only way for me - I love food too much! So 4kg in 4 weeks is incredible - :-)!!

    OK so what I would do now is pat myself on the back and tell myself how incredible I am for losing 4kg and then spend the next couple of weeks stabilising at that weight, not trying to lose but just getting used to not gaining.
    If you're anything like me you will bounce around a bit, you'll go up a kg, lose two, back up two, down one - just get comfortable with that fluctuation, observe what makes you go up, what makes you come down. What works? What doesn't? Then once you feel ready for another assault on the next 5kg go for it!

    Remember KEEPING the weight off is the key - millions of people have lost hundreds of pounds - but go and see them a year later and they're back where they were!

    Oh, and BTW, I've actually lost 50kg since I started, but 10 of them I had to lose twice lol!!!

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