Sunday, 22 August 2010

Oh no, it works!

So I've been having this on/off thing with raw food over the past couple of months but I'd pretty much fallen out of the habit until last week. The vegetarian thing is going well. OK, pescatarian really, but that's only because I'm not organised enough to work out the correct nutrition for being totally veggie and anyway I do love fish. Maybe I should do some more scuba diving - every time I come back from diving I feel guilty about eating fish - its hard to eat someone when you've just been swimming with their cousins!

Anyway, back to raw - I'd been feeling a bit creaky - well, OK feeling my age would possibly be more accurate, although some days I felt more like my mother's age!

One day, I kid you not, one day back on raw and I woke up the next morning feeling like a 15 year old! I had so much energy I didn't think I would sleep that night but in fact I had the best sleep I've had in ages! Last week was about 70% raw and I feel fantastic and lost two kg! Effortlessly!! This raw thing really works! The trick is to keep it going, not fall off the wagon at every possible excuse and remember that it is actually less complicated than cooking - there's about the same amount of preparation involved but then you can eat it immediately! And I'm pretty sure wine is raw!

I found a great website called Wild Health and they have this fantastic recipe for beetroot coleslaw which is so delicious I ate it all last week. The great thing is you can keep it in the fridge and it matures and actually gets better, and better for you, as the week goes on. It makes a fantastic base for all sorts of tasty salads and salting the cabbage means its not so noisy to eat!
Here's some other great books on raw "cooking"! I'm hooked!

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