Thursday, 5 August 2010

The weekend

So the weekend is almost here and as usual I have a plan! Not sure I'm going to stick to it but hey, rules are made to be broken! It's been a reasonably good week - about a kilo down so I'm happy. So here's the danger, happy = excuse to slack off!! I'm going to see if I can get through a weekend without pissing off all my friends and be accused of being boring and still either lose or maintain! Wheat free AND meat free! Wish me luck!

The big change in my life is that a couple of weeks ago I was challenged by my coach to do something new and challenging for the next 100 days, I had all sorts of good intentions commit to exercise every day but guess where they went....? I even thought I would commit to getting up one hour earlier every day - ha ha ha, not a chance, 6am is for the birds! And I didn't even think of giving up wine!

But I did commit to giving up meat for 100 days and now, 20 days in, to my surprise I'm actually enjoying it. Giving up bacon is the hardest, but other than that I'm surprised how easy it is to make meat free choices and even more surprised that my weight is dropping with much less effort than usual. I'm not sure I will ever be able to give up meat completely - a meat free barbecue doesn't sound that appealing, but I'm open to seeing what happens.

But PLEASE don't wave a bacon buttie under my nose or you just might lose your hand!


  1. I'm afraid I couldn't go without my Sunday morning (Friday in your spot) bacon butty! I only eat bacon, pork sausages, north sea cod (gawd do I miss that!) chicken & prawns & I think I could go the 100 days without them.........with the exception of the SMBB of course!

  2. :-) I'm getting used to the fried egg butty instead of bacon one! Its not exactly regulation diet food but it slips in every so often!

    I'm actually doing pescatarian since I'm too lazy (or disorganised) to figure out proper vegetarian nutrition. But from a weightloss point of view - yeeeeha!!!! Lost a kilo last week when I thought I was going to put at least one on!!