Monday, 27 September 2010

An incentive to focus!

Oh well, so much for losing it! I'm not, well not in any sense that matters. Losing the rag on the roads in Dubai now everyone's back from summer holidays - yup, totally. Losing the will to live while on the phone to the rocket scientists at Etishite's customer disservice line - too many times. Losing my sanity - well nothing new there....

But losing weight has just not been happening. On the plus side I have not gained any either, and that's despite some fairly good efforts (for efforts read parties) and the only thing I can put that down to is the vegetarian diet I've been following. Not only that, but its really good on the wallet as well, my groceries bill is almost half! Now if only I had the excuse that I needed to buy new (smaller) clothes I could put it to good use!

But now the weather is better I'm running out of excuses not to take the dog for long walks, get out on the bike and even swim more.

And as a big incentive we've got the Mother-in-Law coming to stay early November so I need to focus focus focus! I need to lose at least 5 kg before she gets here for two reasons - one is that at least half of them will inevitabley come back on as we do the tourist thing and lots of lunches!! And the other is that she will report back to my mother the minute she gets home and any porkies I have been telling about how much I'm losing will be instantly found out - oooops! There will be hell to pay!

So its back out with the old faithful The Low-GL Diet Made Easy and this time it will be interesting to try out more of the veggie recipes. Watch this space, I'm going to be taking up much less of it soon!

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