Wednesday, 26 May 2010


OK this is my first ever blog post so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing here. Practicing maybe?

This blog is about losing weight but its also about shedding all the other crap that comes with that.

If losing weight was just about eating less, how simple life would be. But only the effortlessly thin truly believe that! And I've got news for you guys - virtually no one stays effortlessly thin forever! So enjoy it while you can.

I believe in living life to the max and I don't believe to lose the weight I want to I have to deprive myself forever. I've got 30kg to lose so I'm in this for the long run. And if the long run meant no chocolate again ever I'd be doomed to fail!

And in case anyone is wondering how I can call myself an expert - well, I may have 30kg to lose but I've already lost the first 30 - so I must be doing something right!

Right now I'm on day 4 of a major detox - with all the joys that brings. More on that later - I've got lunch to make!