Saturday, 15 January 2011

Post festive Panic!

OK I'm back after far too long away from being good! The festive season was far too good and as most of my friends and family are great cooks there were one or two too many calories consumed and not nearly enough spent. Wrestling with the Christmas tree was about the only exercise I've had in weeks so from tomorrow I'm getting back into the swing of 50 lengths of the pool every day, walking the legs off the dog (who also had far too much turkey at Christmas and could do with losing a couple of pounds!), and maybe even taking the bike round the block.

With all that bad behaviour its quite remarkable that I only put on 4 kilos but they have to go! NOW!!

There's a reason for my panic - I'm headed back to Scotland in a couple of weeks and that means two things - One - being nagged by my eagle eyed mother if I haven't lost anything - actually the poor old dear is as blind as a bat but she seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to me losing weight, and she remembers every single pound I've told her that I've lost (of course I don't tell her about the ones that came back!) so she's expecting a waiflike anorexic to turn up!! The other is that healthy eating there is well nigh impossible, on the one hand my mother worries if I haven't lost weight, and on the other, her maternal instinct to feed me up kicks in before I even arrive so I have to arrive with the expectation that I will add at least 3 kilos... a week!!!

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